Nicole's Mommy Challenge

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Title: Nicole's Mommy Challenge

Description: Nicole is a young and inexperienced mom that needs your help. Today she is alone with her baby. The baby is just a couple of months old. It cries very hard at times. Nicole is having problems making her baby happy. She needs some help from a professional. Are you the chosen one for this job? Can you take this challenge? Think good because taking care of the baby takes a lot of time, attention and patience. Can you do this for Nicole? She is definitely not able to do a good job without your help.

How to play - For a map of the room and the instructions of how to do different tasks click on TUTORIAL. This will help you to get more familiar with the room. Click on START GAME to start the game. You need to make the baby happy when the baby is crying. You will be given a visual help of what the baby needs. When necessary, drag the baby to move it out of its crib.

Bravo! Excellent job! Nicole feels such a relief. You made it together!