Wet & Dry

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Title: Wet & Dry

Description: Who needs computer matching game? Does someone in you family needs practice with matching objects with their shadows? If the answer is positive you are on the right game. Your little one will really enjoy this game! The game has different levels. On the first level the player recognizes the shadows of the objects, and on the second level they recognize the wet and dry objects from different life settings. The player really enjoys the pleasant surroundings and music!

How to play - Rules on how to play are included at the beginning of the game. On the first level, the player needs to click on an object on the big picture and then click on its matching shadow to the right. The backgrounds will change after the player matches all of the given objects. The same clicking rules apply to all of the other levels as the player finds wet and dry object.

You are a great learner! Enjoy playing this cute game!